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Vertical configuration.
Cabinet consists of 2 independent bodies.
Recessed cabinet body and removable front flat frame.
With extinguisher department and Reversible panel for technical module.
Cabinet body dimensions Height = 1350, Width = 560, D = 243 mm.
Removable front frame dimensions Height = 1410, Width = 620 mm.
Recessed cabinet body made of galvanized sheet steel unpainted.
Doors with Multiblend format.
Doors made of Stainless Steel AISI 304 "Brushed".
Flat Casing Frame made of Stainless Steel AISI 304 "Polished".
Reversible Panel made of Stainless Steel AISI 304 "Brushed". (a)
Reversible closings model Glide with molding and security seal.
ROTEX System to power the BIE.
Fixed Eacisystem reel with axial supply.
Espiroflex system (Anti-constriction) for fire hose supply.
Thermoplastic copolymer hose reel according to ISO 4892-2. (b)
9 Possible supply inputs.
Triplex nozzle with triple effect. Female thread 1" (Ø 10 mm.).
Guiman system for orientation and slip hose.
20 m. semi-rigid hose Ø 25 mm. EN-694.
Elbow-pipe for quick hose replacement.
Union Ball Valve 1" chrome plated brass.
Plastic valve knob with planetary reduction drive.
Gauge scale from 0 to 16 kg/cm2. Thread 1/4".
Shut-off valve for pressure gauge chrome plated brass. Thread 1/4".
Ability to install additional outlet. (Model COMPAC 3iVT45)
(a) Due to its design, the alarm push buttons keep flush to the cabinet
(b) UV Resistance exposure to Xenon arc light sources

Additional 45 mm outlet brass connection. Ref TAD
Chromed brass seat valve. Ref V45LU, with vulcanized closing.
Barcelona coupling. Ref RE45U (Certified by AENOR, according to UNE 23 400)
Barcelona Cap DN 45 mm. Ref T45U (Certified by AENOR, according to UNE 23 400)

EACISYSTEM ROTEX System® LIGHT hose reel  “EXTERNAL” elbow Sistema GUIMAN NOBLE ZONE fire hose cabinet STAINLESS material GLIDE ESPIROFLEX Válvula Loca Multiblend
<p>COMPAC 3iV<br />COMPAC 3iVT45 <p>COMPAC 3iV<br />COMPAC 3iVT45-1 <p>COMPAC 3iV<br />COMPAC 3iVT45-2 <p>COMPAC 3iV<br />COMPAC 3iVT45-3 <p>COMPAC 3iV<br />COMPAC 3iVT45-4

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